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Northern Sushi is a nation that is an infamous member of Liberalia and is currently serving his six month ban for treason for threatening to release sensitive information and disrupting Liberalian foreign affairs abroad.

However, Northern Sushi was one of the most influential members of early Liberalian society, as he was quickly promoted to admin after the resignation of Loslakia by self exile.

Norhtern Sushi brought a slew of laws to be passed in the regional parliament and was a strong supporter of either the Moderates or the Capitalists depending on the current regional situation. Northern Sushi served in many government positions, mostly under the Carops administrations. Northern Sushi was first appointed head of Immigration Tribunal as Lanandia, a court wich would rule on citizenship issues. This later allowed Carops to realize the usefulness of Northern Sushi in the regions Security Ministry. Northern Sushi's many jobs included Minister of Security and Defense and Minister of Justice.

However, this did not prevent Northern Sushi from gaining notoriety in his attempts to blackmail the Liberalian Government, which was under the Moderate Party at the time. He demanded a number of cabinet and government positions in exchange for him not released what he claimed was classified information, which would implicate Liberalia in various events elsewhere. The Government actually responded by stripping Northern Sushi or his positions and shaming him. This outplayed him and negated his own ability to cause any trouble, however Northern Shusi chose not to release any information about Liberalian intelligence to the NationStates community.

Northern Sushi also attempted to disrupt Liberalian Foreign Affairs abroad, because of his dislike towards the actions that lead to the February Coup.

As part of the Capitalist campaign, Northern Sushi attempted to bring forward many bills that were considered useless by the Moderate Party, clogging up Parliament which lead to Curiaistan having to rule them out of order and later on to report him to the Guardian Council for breaches of the Rules of Parliamentary Order and Carops insulting Northern Sushi publically by allowing the administration to change both his profile and signature.

Similarly, Northern Sushi was later sentenced to a Six-Month Ban from Liberalia by the Guardian Council by a 75% majority, with 25% favoring a Three-Month Ban. He is eligible for citizenship again in November, although it is extremely likely now that he will be granted it, following the passing of the "Banning of External Spies Act."

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